Where will this course lead?


Computer Aided Design (CAD) courses 1 year part-time level 1 / level 2 course in Parametric Modelling for the Engineering industry, though the techniques can be applied to a much wider field from merchandising to furniture design.

What will I study?

This short evening taster course, introduces the student to the world of 3D Modelling and Visualisation using an industry standard computer aided design software called Solidworks, a programme used widely in the field of automotive / aerospace & marine engineering as well as product design of household items.

We will however, use the basic techniques of this software to produce simple 3D models associated with the home and leisure industry from fragrance bottles to toys to common merchandising goods.

The key subjects will be :-
- Deciding where to start with your design project.
- Use of 2D Basic Geometric Tools (i.e. Lines, Circles, Arcs).
- Basic editing tools to create complex shapes from these basic tools.
- Use of Dimensional & Geometric constraints to control size elements.
- 2D to 3D conversion.
- 3D Enhancement Features to add attractive surface detail.
- Texturing (adding materials to 3D models)
- Backgrounds & Lighting / Generating Photorealistic Images for Marketing
- Exporting of Models to popular 3D Printing Formats.

How will this course be delivered?

The course is delivered on Wednesday evenings at the Woodlands Campus 3 hours per evening for 8 weeks. The majority of the course is hands on with access to computer aided design software, colour printing facilities as well as the potential for 3D printing.

What qualifications will I get?

The course leads to a college certificate

How will I be assessed?

Portfolio based assessment.

How do I get a place on the course?

You can contact the college on 0121 678 7000

What are the entry requirements?

There are no entry requirements for this course.

What else do I need to know?

A basic ability to perform simple mathematical calculations is useful but not essential; however some basic computer experience is essential. You will be provided with network storage facilities, but would recommend bringing a memory stick / flash drive to store your work.

Is there anything else I will have to pay for in order to do this course?
You will receive a ID badge which can be used to print work off, however you may wish to purchase additional credit on that card. We do have a 3D printing facility which for a small fee can produce small 3D models of your work, though third party on-line services for larger items may be recommended to you.

What can I do after this course?

There is a possibility that we will resume running (20 - 30 week course) gaining the industrially recognised City & Guilds 7689 Awards in Computer Aided Parametric Modelling.


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Part Time