Where will this course lead?

This Top- Up Degree Level 6 course allows anyone with a suitable HND in Computing, Network or IT to develop their practical and academic skills further and gain a BSc(Hons) Business Systems and Technology validated by Newman University. The programme is aimed at people with a wide range of experiences from those who have recently completed their courses to those with business knowledge gained from work who now feel it's time to update their skills.

The course content considers Entrepreneurship and the Management of Technology innovation, the expanding world of Enterprise Systems and Computer Security. The course has a two unit Dissertation for the student to research into a particular specialism within IT or Business.

What will I study?

Module Title: Business Project/Dissertation

Module Code: BTU601

Module Summary: The final project and critical evaluation will be structured to assess the knowledge and understanding by means appropriate to individual students, though all approaches will lead to the production of a significant piece of work that involves the demonstration of advanced practice in business/technology management and/or an original small piece of research. All approaches will be accompanied by a critical self-evaluation of the outcomes achieved.

Module Title: Managing Technological Innovation

Module Code: BTU602

Module Summary: This module investigates how technological innovations can impact upon organisations, their employees and their customers. Through an examination of technological trends, and the ways in which new and emerging technologies can transform business processes, students will discuss how best to manage technology (both strategically and operationally) in a business context.

Module Title: Business Entrepreneurship

Module Code: BTU603

Module Summary: The aims of this module are to enable students to acquire an appreciation of the role and significance of entrepreneurship within small firms, in different types of economy and society, utilising a range of analytical tools and drawing on contemporary material from a wide range of sources.
Module Title: Enterprise Systems

Module Title: Enterprise Systems

Module Code: BTU604

Module Summary: Students taking this module will gain a broad understanding of the issues involved in designing, developing and deploying large scale enterprise systems that support the range of functions in a typical business. The module will examine typical architectures, emerging technologies and research and integration with legacy systems. Emphasis will be placed on critical thinking and methods for selecting technologies when faced with a variety of options.

Module Title: Computer Security

Module Code: BTU605

Module Summary: This module aims to provide students with the knowledge and ability to evaluate and apply modern techniques off computer and telecommunications security and will provide students with an in-depth understanding of the process of computer and network security. Students will perform risk and threats evaluations, devise defence strategies, and understand the functionality of security methods and devices.

How will this course be delivered?

The course is full time and offers a one day a week, two semester year costing £7,500.

What qualifications will I get?

Other qualifications such as CISCO, SQL etc. though referenced within the material are not provided as part of this academic programme.

What can I do after this course?

On completion of the course you may also wish to consider new career options through an MBA or a teaching qualification also offered at Newman University.


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