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Mind the Skills Gap

In 2017 the CIPD warned that “the UK is sleepwalking into a low-value, low-skills economy”, so…

Is your business operating effectively within the digital age?

Are your employees in need of continuing professional development, or apprenticeship training?

Do you have time to explore your learning and development, or recruitment plan?

The Business Elevator Project is here to help!

Co-funded by the European Social Fund and launched to further boost the development of small to medium employers and micro businesses; Solihull College & University Centre has partnered with Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMET) and South & City College Birmingham, to assist employers across the region.

Our goal is to help you take your business to the next level, by providing advice and practical support through our tailored services, including:

  • professional training;
  • apprenticeships and recruitment;
  • business mentoring;
  • networking and events;
  • work experience and industrial placements;
  • other support services & local offers.

We will undertake a comprehensive, no obligation training needs analysis with you, to fully understand your business requirements and overcome your skills demand with suitable training and recruitment services. We will also try to find other ways to develop your workforce by designing new programmes or preparing students for work in your industry.

Courtesy of working in partnership with BMET and South & City College Birmingham, we will be able to locate services tailored to your organisation. This consultation service will be fully funded and free of charge for small to medium employers and micro businesses (with less than 250 staff), who are located within the Greater Birmingham and Solihull area, with a balance sheet of less than £36m and a turnover of less than £42m; however, if you are a larger employer, we would still like to hear from you.

The information you will allow us to inform you of future programmes for your sector and refer apprenticeship candidates for your consideration, thereby enabling your business to maximise its full potential. Our dedicated Account Managers will arrange to meet you and guide you through the process of finding the right service for you.

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For further information and to take advantage of this offer, please contact our Employment Services Team

There is a difficulty in our industry to source skilled, motivated staff with the right attitude for work. With the students coming directly from the College, and having the support of their tutors and mentors, as well as our trainers and managers in house, the recent scheme has been hugely successful. Employers should take apprentices on as it helps provide an ongoing pipeline for progression and legacy for the future.

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Kamran Saleem

Managing Director, MotorServ UK

South Doc Services and the Birmingham & Solihull NHS Training Hub are working jointly with Solihull College & University Centre to provide a level 5 Operational Manager’s apprenticeship programme for both our Assistant and Practice Managers. We are keen to continue to build on our positive experience with the College, with the first cohort of 10 Practice Managers completing the qualification within in the next few months. We have now started the second cohort with candidates from practices across Birmingham and Solihull taking part.

SME Account Manager, Mani Dhillon, has continued to meet our expectations and maintains a high standard with the coordinated provision of leadership and management training that fits the needs of our primary care staff.

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Sylviann Thorpe

Governance & Training Officer, South Doc Service Ltd

We at Playback Frames Limited would like to express our satisfaction with the service that Solihull College & University Centre provided recently, in completing our quest to create a digital-related apprenticeship. Given that everyone is having to operate in an unprecedented virus-affected world, the process to reach our goal was smooth and efficient, from the submission of the original application form to the final establishment of the apprenticeship.

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Mike Cheslin

CFO, Playback Frames Limited