New Students

Our admissions team is available to support you through the process and help answer any specific questions about your application, so please do get in touch if you have any questions via

For further information on applying for either a full-time or part time higher education course please see the ‘How do I apply section?’ on the college website

How Do I Apply?

Please be assured that all applications received in line with our admissions deadlines or those of our partner universities will be considered equally, and that we are in regular contact with examination bodies and UCAS. We will continue to work in conjunction with them to enable students to progress into higher education. Please contact our admissions via:

All of our university level courses require applicants to be successful at interview prior to any offer of a place. You will receive an email from the course tutor with a link and you can agree a date and time for the interview to take place. This will replace your face-to-face interview and the admissions/course team will make a decision based on your interview and application form. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Admissions team via

We understand that there are a variety of reasons why an applicant may wish to defer their start date, and we will always try and accommodate these, but our curriculum offer is continually evolving and therefore we cannot guarantee that a course due to start in September 2020 will also start in 2021.

The open days have unfortunately had to be cancelled as a result of the ongoing coronavirus situation. We have implemented a ‘Book a chat’ feature on the website to ensure you have chance to speak to a tutor one-on-one if you wish. Our admissions team are also working remotely to ensure all applications are processed as normal.

Current Students

All library services, including enquiry and support, have now moved to online. Advice or support with funding, writing support, mental health, disability support and more continues online. We are continuing to offer appointments with Counsellors and Mental Health Workers and further details are on the Student Hub.

Assessments have all been adjusted to enable you to study and submit remotely where possible. The details of this for each particular course and subject have been developed and plans made for 2020 onwards. The College is ensuring that no student will be adversely affected by the changes we have had to make in this academic year as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Our university partners are working with the College to modify assessments – your course tutor will provide you details of the changes to the mode and possibly hand-in dates, in addition to support, guidance and clarification as to what it expected.

First and foremost, speak to your course tutor or contact HE Admissions with regards to your concerns. We have a range of welfare support options available, including hardship funds, please contact us for more information.

Talk to us about your study options. For most of our courses we can adapt the work-based aspects.

The college’s graduation is still scheduled for 22nd October 2020 at the Motorcycle Museum. We will inform students, staff and other stakeholders of any changes necessary to accommodate any social distancing measures which may be in place on that date. We are currently planning for various scenarios, but please be assured that the college will not make any decision without consulting our students as there may be a number of possibilities depending on what the government allows.

For graduations due to take place at one of our partner universities, please see their website for the latest updates.

We are currently in the process of finalising both our start dates and enrolment processes for the new academic year. At the moment, our expectation is that enrolment for this academic year will be online and we are currently upgrading our systems to accommodate these processes. Both new and continuing students will be advised of the enrolment process once this has been finalised and support will be given to all students that need any assistance in completing the process.

We are currently reviewing our course content and course specifications in relation to course-related excursions and events. Where these are considered to be an essential part of your studies, our intention is to ensure that they happen when social distancing measures and government guidance allows. This may mean that some excursions and events have to be rescheduled, however with the current situation ever-evolving, and with the safety of all students and staff in mind, this cannot be guaranteed. If we are unable to arrange or organise an in-person experience, the college will provide you with alternatives such as webinars, podcasts etc.

Non-essential excursions and events are more likely to take place as scheduled, but in an alternative format if the social distancing measures in place at that time do not allow for them to go ahead as planned.

If any changes are made to the course content you will be notified via email and directed to the relevant information. Your opinions, input and suggestions are always welcome, and any questions you may have relating to the changes should be discussed with your course tutor.