If you’re aged 16 or 17, you can now enjoy 50% off standard Anytime, Off-Peak, Advance and Season Tickets helping you save money on travel to college, trips into town or days out with the new 16-17 Saver railcard. From 2nd September 2019, a 16-17 Saver gets you 50% off most rail fares every day of the year with no time restrictions and no minimum fare.

A 16-17 Saver is just £30 and is valid for one year or until your 18th birthday, whichever comes first.

With Solihull College & University Centre just a 5 minute walk from Solihull Station, this is fantastic news for our students.

The College may also be able to pay for your travel card – get in touch with Student Services to check if you are eligible. Other financial support may also be available for trips equipment and other course related costs. Find out more through our financial assistance guidelines.

financial assistance guidelines

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50% off Rail Fares for just £30