Work experience is an opportunity for students to gain a valuable insight into your organisation by carrying out tasks and duties more or less as an employee. Quality work experience has become increasingly vital for young adults to enter the highly competitive labour market. Your involvement could be crucial to a student’s future career prospects.

The unpaid placement will be for an agreed time period and structure; however the structure is flexible to ensure you and the student benefit from the process.

The Department for Education (DfE) has made a commitment that all 16-19 year old students following a new technical education route will be entitled to a quality industry placement to arm them with the technical skills they need to give them the best possible chance for entering skilled employment. Industry placements will be a mandatory part of new ‘T Levels’, which are rigorous, classroom-based, technical study programmes at level 3 (A-Level equivalent). Students will spend a minimum of 45 days with an external employer in a role directly relevant to their course. The College believes these industry placements will give students a valuable opportunity to put their learning into practice, develop their technical skills and become more employable.

Work experience and industry placements are important to economic development and promote employers contribution within the local community.

As an employer you may acquire benefits such as;
• Fresh ideas and concepts from a young adult’s perspective
• A chance to meet, obtain and inspire potential future employees
• Existing employees may expand their skills and support their own professional development

A student may acquire benefits such as;
• Realistic placements which complement their studies
• A supportive transition into the world of work
• The opportunity to practice and fine tune skills and knowledge
• Networking with employers about future opportunities
• The ability to gain a reference from an employer based on their experience

How can I get involved and what are the expectations?

If you are interested in providing a work experience or industry placement opportunity, please contact sales@solihull.ac.uk or industry.placements@solihull.ac.ukto register your interest. You will be expected to provide some initial details and you will receive a statutory health and safety assessment.

The students will be given a logbook; the aim is to support reflection on their experience with you. We would appreciate your support and encouragement with its completion.