Discover new talent through work placements

Developing your future workforce is critical to the long term success of your business and as a provider of education, we are here to help.

Our students are the employees and business owners of the future and they are looking for placements in which to learn and apply their up to date knowledge and skills. Not only can this introduce you to new talent but it can create new opportunities for developing and valuing your existing employees too!

Research shows that two thirds of employers consider work experience as significant or critical value for young entrants to the labour market and half of employers believe a top priority for schools and colleges should be developing awareness of working life with support from businesses. ( 2017)

Industry Placements

Extended Industry placements are a compulsory part of the new T Level courses (a technical alternative to A levels) which give you the opportunity to work with a placement student over a longer period of time (45 – 60 days/ or 315+ hours). This enables you to better evaluate the student’s potential within their chosen industry, and your business!

Placements are unpaid and planned with the employer, student and college to agree and review activities and expectations. If you are the owner of a small business you may be eligible for a financial bursary to help you support your student. Here’s why your business should be involved:

Immediate Benefits

  • Discover new talent
  • Bring in new, imaginative ideas and a fresh perspective
  • Identify extra resource for your projects and day-to-day operations
  • Give your employees the opportunity to develop management and mentorship skills
  • Positive CSR impact: share with stakeholders how your business has supported local young people into industry placements, improving their employability and progression opportunities

and for the future…

  • Inspire the next generation to work in your industry
  • Address current and future skills shortages in your industry
  • Strengthen your recruiting pipeline and increase diversity
  • Shared values: benefits for business and society work together – increased social inclusion leads to new business opportunities.

Work Experience

A shorter placement, usually 5 days or 30-hours enables students to gain a valuable insight into your organisation by carrying out tasks and duties as a member of your team. Work experience is planned for an agreed time period and structure that can be flexible to suit your business, ensuring you and the student both benefit from the process.

Employer Benefits

As an employer you may acquire benefits such as:

  • Fresh ideas and concepts from a young adult’s perspective
  • A chance to meet, hire and inspire potential future employees
  • Expanding the skills of existing employees and support their own professional development

Employer Testimonies

From our perspective having Mawiyah complete her work experience at the Birmingham Women’s Hospital was a positive experience for the midwives. It is great to see someone with enthusiasm for the role and I think it restores our motivation and enthusiasm for midwifery when we meet students who are keen to take this up as a career.

Sue Smithson
Interim Consultant Midwife
Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

We have enjoyed working closely with Solihull College and their Business students. I’ve found the students to be attentive to detail and very forthcoming with new ‘outside the box’ ideas. We are already looking forward to working with next year’s students.

David Murphy
Telephone Europe Ltd

At the beginning of this year I held a day workshop at Champneys Springs, Ashby de la Zouch. I had been to an event at the College and was impressed by students filming the event. I approached the College who were able to supply two students studying a qualification on video and photography to take on the filming for my event. The girls were outstanding on the day, followed my instructions and provided excellent photographs, a great quality video and filmed testimonials from delegates. This was helpful to them for their portfolios but also an excellent asset to me. The girls were mature, polite and the result of their work was quite outstanding.

Gill Mathias

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We are looking for employers across all sectors who can offer our students extended or short placements now. Your involvement could help you to discover new talent for your industry sector, and your business and can be crucial to a student’s future career prospects.

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