Deciding how to take your next step in education is a big decision, so at Solihull College & University Centre we have compiled some valuable information that will assist you during the application process.

If you are offered a place and you choose to make Solihull College & University Centre your place to study, you will be entering into a contract with the College. The terms and conditions of your student contract are available as set out below:

Your Offer Letter

This will be sent to you following your course interview if you are successful.


Our policies are reviewed on a regular basis. Any alterations will usually take effect at the beginning of the new academic year. Changes that have been agreed for the start of the next academic year will be published on the website. Any amendments which may be agreed before the start of the new academic year will also be published.


Course Leaflet

This contains specific information for your chosen course and can be found in the relevant subject area section of this website. It will be handed out to you at interview and is also available on the UCAS website.

Other Information

Generic higher education terms, cancellation rights, printing costs (see below).

Higher Education Student Registration/Enrolment Conditions

Variation/cancellation of courses

The College reserves the right to make alterations to courses, tutors, fees or venues without prior notice provided such alterations shall not substantially affect the course content or qualification and such alterations shall, at best, only entitle the participant to reimbursement of course fees paid.

The College reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses at their discretion if in the opinion of the College there are insufficient enrolments or attendees. In such cases the participant shall be offered transfer to an alternative course.

If not appropriate/acceptable a full refund of course fees will be made within fifteen College working days of the cancellation or the student declining the course rescheduling. In such cases the College liability shall be restricted to a reimbursement of any fees paid to the College.

In the event of cancellation of courses or classes for a reason outside the control of the College, the College shall be under no obligation to provide any reimbursement. In the event of any reimbursement being made, it shall be a gratuitous payment made without obligation or liability.

Disclaimer (including withdrawal or variation of courses)
The College will do all that it reasonably can to provide the educational services as described on its website, in the prospectus or in other documents issued to appropriately enrolled students. Sometimes circumstances beyond the control of the College mean that it cannot provide such services. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Industrial action by College staff or third parties
  • The departure of College staff (in this situation the College will provide cover wherever possible)
  • significant changes to College funding or to Government direction to higher education
  • Power failure
  • Acts of terrorism
  • civil disorder
  • epidemic or pandemic disease
  • government restrictions and concern with regard to the transmission of serious illness
  • Damage to buildings or equipment
  • Where the numbers recruited to a course are so low that it is not possible to deliver an appropriate quality of education for students enrolled. In such circumstances, the College will take all reasonable steps to minimise the disruption to its educational services and to those affected. The College excludes liability, to the fullest extent possible by l law, for any loss and/or damage and/or inconvenience suffered by any applicant or student as a result of such circumstances.

The College will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver the course in accordance with the publicised description of the course. However, the College may make reasonable changes to the course (including to the content of the course where developments in the subject area make that necessary or a relevant regulatory/accrediting body requires changes to be made; the location of the course or the method of delivery of the course) where that will enable the College to deliver a better quality of educational experience to students. If the College makes any changes your course and you are not satisfied with those changes, you will be offered the opportunity to withdraw from the course and, if required, reasonable support to transfer to another provider. The College excludes liability, to the fullest extent possible by law, for any loss and/or damage and/or inconvenience suffered by any applicant or student as a result of such changes

The College does not accept responsibility and expressly excludes liability to the fullest extent possible by law for loss and/or damage to students’ property or for infection of students’ equipment caused by computer viruses and for the consequences of such damage.

If you’ve changed your mind about a course or even where you are studying, talk to us. We can help you transfer:

Solihull College & University Centre Student Transfers

If you are a student within Solihull College & University Centre and you wish to make changes relating to your current programme such as changing your mode of study from full time to part time study or vice versa or feel that the course or college is not right for you, your Higher Education (HE) course leader is the first person to speak to with regards to your concerns and future options.

Once you have considered your options, our Higher Education (HE) Admissions Officer will be able answer questions you may have relating to both leaving your course and any financial implications for both current and future studies.

Non-Solihull College & University Centre Student Transfers

If you are currently studying at another Higher Education College or University and would like to leave and continue your studies at Solihull College & University Centre then you will need to contact our Higher Education (HE) admissions team to arrange a guidance interview to explore your options.

We recognise prior and experiential learning, so you may be able to transfer directly into year two or three, or you may be exempt from specific modules. As we work with a number of Universities, we follow the University regulations for implementing prior or experiential learning. Admission for the relevant course will require their approval. For Higher National admission we follow BTEC regulations.

Please contact the colleges Higher Education (HE) admissions team for more information.

Please note…

Please note that Student Finance England (SFE) need to be notified by yourself and the institution that you are currently studying at if you are making any changes to studies, this includes change of course, institution or modes of study – and again our Higher Education (HE) admissions staff will be able to signpost you to Student Finance England (SFE) and support you in these changes.

If you are on a Oxford Brookes course but studying at Solihull College & University and want to change your programme then Oxford Brookes regulations will apply.

Credit Transfer – Oxford Brookes University

Higher Education involves specific terminology that may be new to some prospective students. Please review the following document:

Higher Education Terminology

You will have 14 days from the date we receive your acceptance to cancel your place. If you cancel within the 14 day cancellation period the College will usually refund you any deposit, administration or any other fees you may have paid. However, if you decide to cancel your place once you have started your course, some charge may be applied.

You can cancel your acceptance by emailing or writing to the the College’s Admissions Team using the below form as a template.

You will be able to print using your student ID card.

You will receive £1 credit when you onboard to your UniFLOW Online account and thereafter £1 credit on the 1st of each month for the duration of your course. These funds are non-transferable and non-refundable.

If you run out of credit, you will be able to purchase additional credit for your card at any time by visiting the library on any site.

The level of printing may vary depending on your course. Where there may be significant costs, this will be identified on the course information page.

The prices below have remained unchanged since 2012 and there is no charge for scanning:

  • A4 B&W Simplex (£0.04)
  • A4 B&W Duplex (£0.06)
  • A3 B&W Simplex (£0.05)
  • A3 B&W Duplex (£0.07
  • A4 Colour simplex (£0.08)
  • A4 Colour Duplex (£0.14)
  • A3 Colour Simplex (£0.09)
  • A3 Colour Duplex (£0.15)

Solihull College & University Centre is dedicated to providing student satisfaction. However we also understand that sometimes things don’t go to plan. If an issue cannot be resolved, students are able to raise any concerns they have both academic and non-academic. The Code of Practice on Student Concerns and Complaints is the procedure to deal with complaints, in a fair, consistent and acceptable time frame. If dissatisfied with the outcome, students can get in contact with The Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA), an independent body which reviews complaints from students. The Code of Practice on Admissions is a procedure for reviewing the decisions made during the application and admissions process.


The Big Picture – Learner Voice

H.E. students were invited to have their say on the performance and provision of Solihull College & University Centre and what it means to them. These shared ideas were given form throughout the conversation as a series of evolving visual metaphors, anchoring the collective thoughts and feelings.