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Who are you?

The College welcomes applications from those with additional needs and our support team are fully trained to give you all the encouragement that you need to get the most out of your learning experience. If you are disabled or have any special needs, then our team of support staff are here to help you. When you have accepted your offer from us we will invite you to attend a transition planning meeting and will ensure that you are familiar with the college before you begin your course.

We offer the following specialist support:

  • Aspergers/ADHD/ADD
  • Blind/Visual Impairment
  • Deaf/Hearing Impairment
  • Physical Disability
  • Mobility Difficulties
  • Mental Health
  • Moderate Learning Difficulties
  • Specific Learning Difficulty
  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Acquired Brain Injury
  • Tourette’s Syndrome
  • Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia

View our Statement of Our Commitment to Students with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities:

Equality & Diversity Policies

Contact The Additional Support team:

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Higher Education Bursaries

Solihull College & University Centre offer a Higher Education bursary programme.

HE Bursaries

Careers Advice

Are you at a crossroads in your life and are not sure which direction to take? Fed up with furlough, uncertain about unemployment and want to make a change? Feel like the need for a fresh start? Solihull College & University Centre may have the course for you. Why not speak to one of our Careers Advisors for impartial guidance and support so you make the right change – email us at

The need for specialist careers advice and guidance has never been so important. It is vital that people of all ages have access to good quality, realistic and impartial information, advice and guidance for them to make informed decisions for their future.

The College Careers Service consists of a team of qualified career guidance professionals who are dedicated to helping people to progress successfully into further, higher education, employment or Apprenticeships.

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Our mission is to make the Careers Service fully accessible to College students as well as the wider community by providing impartial information, advice and guidance that is fully integrated, accessible and highly regarded. We aim to encourage successful transition into further study, training or employment.

The College has developed a careers explorer that will help you work out the career for you and the course to get you there. Take a look: Fast Forward

Other Resources

Careers Leadership Team

Solihull College & University Centre has established a Careers Leadership Team.  The team meets at least once a term and oversees the effective implementation of the careers, advice and guidance at the college.

The members of the Careers Leadership Team include:

  • Director of Services for Students (Careers Leader/Chair) – Adam Thomas
  • Central Careers Service – Alka Prinja – 0121 678 7020/
  • Head of School – STEAM Faculty
  • Head of School – Creative Faculty
  • Head of Department – Stratford upon Avon College
  • Additional Needs Manager
  • Work Experience Coordinator/Consultant
  • Talent Bank Coordinator
  • Tutorial Manager

The Quality in Careers Standard

Solihull College & University Centre has been recognised for its outstanding careers work and has been awarded Gold level in the National Quality in Careers Standard, awarded under licence by Prospects. The Quality in Careers Standard is awarded to schools and education providers who can demonstrate the importance they place on careers and how they support students to make decisions about their life after college.

Matrix Quality Standard

Solihull College Student Services is a Matrix accredited service. The standard is the unique quality framework for the effective delivery of information, advice and guidance.


OFSTED is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills.

Following a recent OFSTED inspection of Solihull College in 2016, the Careers Service was highlighted for providing an effective service:

Career advice and guidance are effective. Learners are placed on the level of study that best suits their skills and interests, so that the vast majority complete their courses and move on successfully to further study, apprenticeships and employment.

Learners and apprentices quickly develop a broad range of good personal, social and employability skills, as well as positive attitudes to learning, that prepare them well for their future careers.

The College employs a dedicated qualified nurse who is available if you are unwell, for advice on health issues and first aid.

The College Nurse works term times only:

  • Monday-Tuesday 09:30-16:00
  • Wednesday-Thursday 09:30-16:30
  • Friday 09:30-14:30

Ongoing counselling services at Solihull College and University Centre in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I’m sure you’ll have anticipated the possible interruption to the counselling service around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a result of a college closure.

Like many counselling services in the UK, we have been advised by our professional body, BACP, to plan for the possibility of being unable to meet in person for appointments either due to infection or more general public health advice. So, this message is intended to provide you with information on how the counselling service at college will continue to provide support. It also includes external support services that may be useful over the coming weeks.

If you are currently having counselling sessions at the college, your counsellor will be available for email support for 50 minutes on a weekly basis at your usual appointment time. Your counsellor will wait for you to email and will provide email responses as required. Otherwise, your counsellor will continue to see you for your regular appointments once college has re-opened.

For any other student, still on the counselling waiting list or not, the following links give information on how to manage your emotional wellbeing, especially if you are involved in social distancing or self-isolation:

We seem to be in a changing situation and, as NHS and public health guidance develops, we will review and update these plans accordingly. Please continue to consult the college website for further details.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Solihull College encourages applications from people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. Our aim is to make it easier for you to study with us and to achieve your learning goals. We want Solihull College and its courses to be as accessible as possible to our whole community. That is why we are committed to providing sensitive and individual support for all our students.

If you have a learning difficulty or a disability, you may need additional support to obtain access to College facilities. You may discuss your particular needs confidentially with a member of staff. For more information contact the Additional Support Team:

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The Enrichment Team are here to make your time outside of lessons, fun, exciting, interesting and informative. All throughout the year, our student liaison officers organise trips, excursions, events, volunteering, themed events and a varied, engaging range of great activities, ensuring your time with us isn’t all work and no play.

We support Learner Voice which gives you, the student, the opportunity to tell us how your time at college is going, what we are doing well and what you would like to see improved. We also hold elections for School Representatives and Governors, giving our students a say in matters regarding school funding and quality of education.

If you have any questions or queries regarding student enrichment, you can contact them:

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Solihull College & University Centre has a culture where difference is respected and diversity celebrated. The College welcomes all students, regardless of age, race, colour, ethnic origin, religious belief, gender, sexuality or disability. We expect all members of the college community to recognise and respect this.

The College will continue to treat all students and employees with respect and dignity, and seek to provide a positive working and learning environment free from discrimination, harassment or victimisation.

Coronavirus and your Mental Health and Well-being

Coronavirus is affecting all our lives, and things keep changing all the time, which can feel really hard to deal with. If you’re worried about how coronavirus is affecting your mental health and wellbeing, you’re not alone. We’re here to provide information and support to help you cope.

The College Mental Health Service can help you to identify your specific needs, provide practical support, help you develop coping strategies or refer you for external support.

Get help from the College Mental Health Service if you are:
  • Feeling low or depressed
  • Feeling anxious or worried
  • Experiencing stress
  • Experiencing difficulties with eating
  • Experiencing problems with sleep
  • Struggling with low self-esteem
  • Or have a diagnosed mental health condition that you would like support for.
How to access support:

The college mental health service encourages you to explore their online mental health support toolkit – Kaleidoscope if you are experiencing any of the above difficulties.

What is Kaleidoscope?

Kaleidoscope is a free online mental health support tool providing personalized information to support your mental health and well-being. There are a series of 28 questions which once answered will create a report that provides information relevant to the ratings made on each of the questions. It can be used to find self-care, local support groups and telephone help lines, and services offered through various organizations and the NHS.

For more information and to access the toolkit visit:

Other forms of support:

Support for your mental health can be accessed via any member of staff at your campus, including your student support officer or learning coach. They will help you in completing a referral form for mental health support or advice you to contact the college mental health service directly.

On receipt of your query for support, a member of the college mental health service will contact you via telephone, Microsoft Teams, or book you in for a face to face appointment at a time that suits you. The college mental health service operates during college hours only and is not an emergency or crisis service. If you cannot wait for your allocated appointment and are worried about your safety or the safety of others, please contact the college safeguarding team.

Please watch the following video about how college can support your mental health and well-being:

Mental Health Service Video

As soon as you arrive here on your very first day at college you will be assigned a Personal Tutor. Your Personal Tutor will be there to provide support, advice, guidance and information throughout your time here.

You will meet regularly with your tutor for individual tutorials to discuss your learning and ensure you are on track with work and getting the most out of your experience with the college. You will also have group tutorials with your friends.

Ongoing Safeguarding services at College in response to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

I am sure you have anticipated the possible interruption to the Safeguarding Service around the Coronavirus (Covid -19) as a result of a college closure.

This message is intended to provide you with information on how the safeguarding service at college will continue to provide support. It also includes external support services that may be useful over the coming weeks.

Please be reminded that if you are at Immediate Risk or Harm contact the Police on 999

Please use the Feeling Unsafe Page on the Student Hub to report any concerns for yourself or a friend.

Email or call the number listed below – they will be manned during working hours only.

Emergency Safeguarding Contact Details

Below are number of Local Safeguarding Children Boards that you can contact directly if the need arises.

Birmingham Social Services
Solihull Social Services
  • 0121 788 7300 – During working hours (Monday-Thursday 8.45-5.20 Friday – 8.45 – 4.30)
  • 0121 605 6060 – Out of hours service

If you or your family need any advice and guidance on financial support and assistance please look at this website

Warwickshire Social Services
  • 01926 414144. (Monday to Thursday – 8:30am – 5:30pm Friday – 8:30am – 5:00pm)

If you or your family need any advice and guidance on financial support and assistance, please visit

Funds are available for trips, equipment and travel but are limited and will run out. You should apply as soon as possible. The following groups of students are eligible to apply:

  • Priority 1 (household income £21,000) – will be awarded financial help on submission of a successful application. If you are eligible for this, an early application is recommended.
  • Priority 2 (household income under £26,000) – applicants in this group will be awarded financial help after the October half term – subject to sufficient funds remaining. We would still encourage you to apply early although a decision is not likely until after the October half term.
  • Priority 3 (household income under £30,000) – applicants in this group will be awarded financial help after all eligible applications from priority 1 and 2 have been funded. This will be subject to sufficient funds remaining. We would still encourage you to apply early as applications will be processed on a first come first serve basis.
  • Priority 4 (household income under £35,000) – applicants in this group will be awarded financial help after all eligible applications from priority 1, 2 and 3 have been funded. This will be subject to sufficient funds remaining. We would still encourage you to apply early as applications will be processed on a first come first serve basis.

For more information please view our Financial Assistance Guidelines (16 to 19 year olds) booklet:

Student Services Policies

University Level Student Finance

  • Only courses registered with the Office for Students (OfS) are eligible for funding from Student Finance England (SFE).
  • Solihull College & University Centre were registered with the Office for Students (OfS) as a higher education provider in November 2018.
  • The student finance package includes a tuition fee loan and a maintenance loan only:
    • you can apply for a tuition loan to help pay the tuition fee that your university or college is charging;
      • it doesn’t depend on household income;
      • Student Finance England pay this loan straight to your university or college.
    • the maintenance loan will help with your living costs;
      • the amount you can apply for will depend on your personal circumstances;
      • the loan is repayable once you have completed or left your course.
  • If you have a disability, mental-health condition or specific learning difficulty (e.g. dyslexia or dyspraxia) you may be eligible for a disabled students’ allowance (DSAs).
    • A disabled students’ allowance (DSAs) does not have to be paid back.
  • There are Special Support Grants available for full time students, including:
Useful Links & Resources

Starting at College is a major change, where you are faced with more freedom, more choices and have more decisions to make. The Welfare Service can offer support and practical help to manage the changes going on in this period of your life.

Help and support on the following issues:

  • Accommodation
  • Homelessness
  • Finance
  • Relationships
  • Sexual Health
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Young Adult Carers
  • Care Leavers
  • Access to external organisation

You can book an appointment in-person at main reception or by telephone/online by contacting Welfare:

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Young Adult Carers are young people who help care for a family member who is disabled, physically or mentally ill, has a long term serious illness or has a substance misuse problem.

This is a role that many young people are happy and proud to do.

Solihull College is very keen to help and support Young Adult Carers to get the best out of college.

Achieve their goals and improve their lives


We offer free and confidential information, advice and Support:

A zoom meeting with 2 students that are also young carers, Sally from Carers trust Solihull and Helen, Student Welfare officer for Solihull College. They talk about supporting young carers in college.