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Our free bootcamps are aimed at people who would like to pursue a career in film, television, professional content creation and theatre.

Through Create Central we have close links with many local TV production companies including Optomen, North One, Full Fat TV and the BBC and our Bootcamps include 2-week industry placements. We also run bootcamps with The Space in the Cultural sector where we work with employers such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, The Rep, Birmingham Royal Ballet and the Hippodrome. Our previous ‘campers’ are now in paid roles with these companies and many more. So far over 70 contracts have been secured and this is only likely to increase with the growth of production activity in our region.

The West Midlands Combined Authority is expecting to see 29,000 new highly skilled jobs in the region’s digital and creative industries by 2030 and these Bootcamps aim to help participants develop their skills and experiences in this industry.

The bootcamps are a mixture of classroom sessions, immersive practical workshops, guest speaker sessions and masterclasses and employability skills including a clear understanding of working successfully as a freelancer. The bootcamps are designed to complement and build on academic courses and identify transferable skills from your current career path.

The bootcamps are free for those aged 19+ who meet the application criteria and live in a WMCA postcode, in Coventry or in Warwickshire.

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What people are saying about our TV Production Bootcamp

I’ve loved everything about the Bootcamp. It’s allowed me to connect with new people and opportunities. I hope more people from diverse background get a chance to do the Bootcamp as they’ll not only benefit from the programme, but they will also be able to build their connections in the region!

Samira Jeylani

Bootcamp gave me the opportunity of working on a placement! Getting industry contacts, advice and being able to introduce myself; having that direct line of communication to people was amazing!

Christian Fink

It was a perfect stepping stone to a career I want to get into.

This Bootcamp helped me build confidence and knowledge up. The connections I made and experiences and opportunities from taking part in the Bootcamp were invaluable. Now I can connect more and feel like I can seek more opportunities.

Salma Akhtar

I did a degree in Sport Science and was always interested in telly so this Boot camp allowed me to combine my passions!

It prepares you for work in media. It allows for a lot of networking so hopefully be a springboard for other projects. It also helped with employability by exit interview training and CV building.

Nekoda Hope

Creating local opportunities for talented people.

Colette Foster, Full Fat TV

The standard of the bootcamps is always really high, there is a general perception that television is a glamourous world but the reality is it is hard work in all weathers and the one’s who really want to do it for the right reasons are well prepared by the bootcamps for the world we work in.

Andy Richardson, Production Manager on BBC’s Doctors
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West Midlands Combined Authority
Create Central
The Space

The College has received significant investment from GBSLEP to help its creative courses support students into employment. This investment has helped repurpose art studios into contemporary arts delivery spaces and provided a new edit suite, a large supply of cutting-edge camera equipment and updated IT equipment. In addition, this GBSLEP funding has repurposed an area into a hatchery and meeting space for graduates and local businesses. This funding will enable the College to support and deliver innovative programmes of which this bootcamp is the first.

Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership