Free Digital Bootcamp offers adults route to IT career

26th March 2024

Solihull College & University Centre is excited to launch a brand-new Digital Support Technician Bootcamp offered free to local adults.

The 10-week bootcamp, fully funded by the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), aims to equip learners with the essential skills for a career in IT support.

The bootcamp comprises an array of essential topics vital for a prosperous career in digital support. These include fundamental aspects such as computer systems basics, networking and connectivity, cybersecurity fundamentals, operating system configuration and management, hardware installation and troubleshooting, software installation and management, as well as the development of crucial customer support, communication skills, and problem-solving techniques.

students sat in line looking at computer

Delivered through a blend of in-person classes and remote learning 3 days per week, the bootcamp will emphasise practical skills development and real-world application.

Head of School for Computing & Emerging Technologies, Mohammed Maher, is excited about winning the bid to deliver the bootcamp and highlighted its unique features: “Students who qualify for this program don’t have to pay any fees, thanks to the funding provided by WMCA. Moreover, upon completion, students will have the opportunity to interview with three employers, paving the way for potential roles in network support and cybersecurity.”

As part of the course curriculum, selected local employers will engage in master classes, offering invaluable insights and practical knowledge to students.

student sat in front of computer smiling

Course Lecturer, Khawar Ahmad, added: “I am thrilled to lead this bootcamp, which promises to empower learners with practical skills and industry-recognised certifications. Our goal is to prepare students for the evolving demands of the IT sector and provide them with pathways to fulfilling careers.”

Upon successful completion, students will also earn the prestigious Cisco Certified Support certification, a lifelong qualification recognised globally, enhancing their employability and opening doors to various opportunities in the IT industry.

Skills offered by digital bootcamps can lead to average salaries exceeding £70,000 research has revealed. The findings also reveal that roles in technology overall pay an average of 55% more the national average.

Applicants must be over 19+. Find out more and apply now: Digital Support Technician Bootcamp

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