College proud to retain ‘GOOD’ OFSTED rating

27th June 2024

Solihull College & University Centre and Stratford-upon-Avon College are delighted to have once again been rated as ‘GOOD’ across the board in their latest Ofsted Inspection.

Inspectors spent 4 days during May observing classes, liaising with partner employers, and spending time with students and staff across all three campuses.

They rated the College as ‘GOOD’ across all categories – including Quality of Education, Behaviour and Attitudes, and Personal Development, with an additional ‘strong’ judgement for contribution to meeting skills needs.

College staff and students celebrate Ofsted result
Staff and students were delighted with the result

College Principal, Dr Rebecca Gater, commented: “We are incredibly proud to have received a ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted, with a unique ‘Strong’ judgement for our contribution to meeting skills needs —the only general Further Education college within the Colleges West Midlands group to earn this distinction.

“This accolade highlights the dedication and hard work of our staff in creating an inclusive and tolerant community where learners thrive. Our commitment to providing industry-specific expertise ensures that our learners and apprentices are not only well-educated but also well-prepared for their future careers. We will continue to strive for excellence and ensure that our students receive the highest quality education and training.”

The Ofsted report further cements the College’s position as one of the top FE Colleges in the region, with increasing enrolment numbers, strong partnerships with employers, and thousands of successful alumni in a variety of exciting industries.

Governors celebrate Ofsted result
College Governors celebrate 'GOOD' Ofsted result

Chair of Governors, Barbara Hughes, commented: “Governors are proud of the College’s success in gaining a good result at inspection, particularly noting our strong contribution to the skills agenda. Governors and leaders work extremely hard together in shaping the strategy and performance of the College, making sure learners are at the heart of what we do. I’m pleased that Ofsted have recognised the value we add to the region. The result gives us a great boost for the years ahead.”

The College is proud to share some of the report’s observations:

Leaders ensure learners and apprentices benefit from subject specific industry experts who are skilled at teaching. Learners and apprentices highly value this expertise as it contributes to them developing valuable skills that improve their career prospects.

Teachers set high standards for learners and apprentices, aligning with industry needs and expectations.

Staff encourage learners and apprentices to enjoy and value their learning. They have introduced a range of initiatives to motivate learners to achieve excellence in their chosen subjects.

Teachers plan teaching well to ensure learners develop their communication skills to enable them to make choices and give their views and opinions.

Learners benefit from the inclusive and tolerant college community that is fostered by staff.

Leaders ensure learners on education programmes for young people benefit from focused work placements, where both employers and learners have a clear set of objectives to accomplish.

Learners and apprentices feel safe at the College. They know how to report issues and feel confident that any concerns in relation to safety or bullying will be dealt with effectively.

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Read the full Ofsted report: OFSTED report