College donates for Afghan refugees

27th September 2021

Staff from Solihull College & University Centre have donated essential items and clothes for Afghan refugees.

About 10,000 Afghans are forecast to be flown to the UK this year for resettlement under two schemes after fleeing the Taliban takeover, according to The Guardian.

College Sustainability Officer Maddie Booth was put in touch with a local distribution centre by friend and community fundraiser Rattan Bhorjee. With the help of Grace Wynne-Willson from the College’s Student Enrichment team, the two took responsibility for organising the College’s donation drive.

“We sent out emails to all staff and put up posters around campus to get the message out” says Maddie.

“The collection lasted for nine days and we then took all the collected items such as tinned food, kitchen utensils and children’s toys to the distribution centre based in Walsall. Staff were so keen to get involved and really rallied behind the donation drive. Every donation, however big or small, was greatly appreciated.”

Maddie emphasises the importance of community outreach at the College: “Given we have a large number of staff and students, I think it’s really important that we are spearheading that process of integration.”

“Everybody is welcome at the College – whatever your religion, culture or background. That is a key part of our set of values.”