College helps to develop future workforce of NHS
Tuesday, 1 September, 2015

A group of healthcare apprentices from Solihull College have completed their apprenticeship with the NHS and now look to progress within the industry.

Students from Solihull College completed their level 2 apprenticeships in health and social care by working at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, gaining experience with patients on the wards. As health and social care apprentices’ students can learn how to help people with particular needs and gain the vital work experience needed if they wish to work within the healthcare sector. After completing their level 2 qualifications apprentices can look to go directly into employment in roles such as healthcare assistants, support workers or care assistants amongst others.

Solihull College has worked with the NHS over the past 3 years to provide apprentices to the sector and the scheme has grown each year with more students applying. Over the past 3 years the apprenticeships have proven to be very successful with nearly 100% of apprentices successfully finding employment and this year has been no different.

Sandra Berry the deputy director of HR at Alexandra Hospital in Redditch commented “this year has gone really well and knowing that people like you will be looking after me when I’m older is comforting. We can all celebrate your success.”

The apprenticeship programmes allows Solihull College to work with hospitals such as the Alexandra to develop the future workforce of the NHS. The successful apprentices attended an awards morning last week at the Alexandra Hospital where they received their certificates for their qualifications which included an NVQ in Health and Social Care offered by Solihull College.

Ms. Berry continued to state how all of the apprentices have developed greatly in confidence over the course of the programme. The apprentices are now following many different paths including full-time and part-time employment within hospitals, continuing with education on courses such as access to health, moving on to the level 3 health and social care apprenticeships and progressing to university.

Solihull College is looking forward to working with the NHS to give those aspiring to work in the healthcare industry the chance to gain their qualifications whilst obtaining paid work experience. For more information on the apprenticeships available visit www.solihull.ac.uk or call 0121 678 7000.

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