College says hello to two new donkeys

19th June 2024

Animal Welfare & Veterinary Nursing students and staff at Solihull College & University Centre have welcomed two new donkeys to the College’s Blossomfield Campus.

College favourites Archie and Eeyore had been on-site interacting with students for over 15 years until Eeyore sadly passed away last year.

Donkeys are happiest in pairs and can get severely depressed if they are left alone. Plans were put in place to find a friend for Archie and The Donkey Sanctuary based in Sutton Coldfield helped find him a new home in Stoke-on-Trent.

Head of School for Animal Management & Veterinary Nursing, Claire Powell, commented: “It was so hard to say goodbye to Archie, but we could see how sad he was being by himself so we thought he should go and live in his forever home with his new friend Hector.”

Archie and Hector with their noses together
Archie with his new friend Hector

The bond was instant and Archie is now living happily at his new loving home. Staff from the College have been to visit him, but he was more interested in playing with Hector!

The College has now welcomed Isla and Isabelle. The pair were rescued from a small field back in 2022 with five other donkeys. Isla and Isabelle had overgrown hooves, lice-infested coats and looked uncomfortable on their feet.

Donkey Welfare Advisor at the sanctuary, Hannie Buckley, said it was a relief to get the donkeys to safety as both Isla and Isabelle were pregnant when they were rescued. She commented: “Harry was born three days after Isla arrived at the holding base. Isabelle gave birth to Henry the next day! It was a relief that the donkeys foaled in safe, warm and dry surroundings rather than the cramped, dirty shelter they once knew.”

Isla and Isabelle with a bucket of food by their hooves
Isla and Isabelle are settling in well

Isla and Isabelle are settling in well at the College and are already making friends with the students.

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