College students secure work experience at Acora
Monday, 4 April, 2016

Solihull College & University Centre students Amy Chatwin, Mariusz Szymanski and Connor Whitehouse have secured valuable industry work experience at international IT service provider, Acora.

The students are currently enjoying a week long work experience in the hope of continuing with the company on to their academy whilst they complete their studies at Solihull College.

A number of students visited Acora in the hope of securing work experience with the company and Amy, Mariusz and Connor were the students who impressed and quickly confirmed their work experience placement.

The company stated they were very impressed with all students, especially Connor who has been volunteering in an IT department at a local school for the past year, showing his passion for the subject. As well as this Acora met with first year students from the College and many of the students impressed and will be offered work experience in their second year of studies.

The three students, upon completing their work experience, are hoping to move to on to the Acora academy where they will learn about the infrastructure within Acora and be a part of the everyday running of the company.

David Hemmings, Acora’s Chief People Officer, stated “We are pleased to welcome this year’s Academy intake, which we hope will help to build a strong relationship with the college for the future as we seek to develop a partnership that finds young talent for Acora and provides a first step on the work ladder for Students.”

Work experience placements such as this allow students to gain the vital industry knowledge that they can then transfer into their work both at College and when they look for employment. Similarly students can use the skills they have learnt in class within the placement as a chance to really impress the company in which they are working.

‘To find out more about Acora, please visit www.acora.com

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