Construction students support homelessness charity

8th June 2022

Carpentry & Joinery students from Solihull College & University Centre recently utilised their skills to support a charity for the homeless.

After building an impressive garden planter, students Joel O’Neill, 20, and Jack Ward, 19 discussed with Additional Support Tutor, Lynsey Broome, how to best use it. They decided to set up an auction, engaging staff in a closed bid, with the money from the highest bidder going to the homelessness charity ‘Outreach Angels’.

Carpentry & Joinery Lecturer, Arron Ward, explains: “The aim here was to utilize offcuts of timber and see that there is value in waste timber by upcycling. I specifically set the task of building a planter as these two students had done very well by completing all their assignments and I wanted to set an additional task that would highlight their knowledge and skills in using power tools.”

2 students and three members of staff standing with planter
The students enjoyed building the planter and are happy to be supporting a good cause

The auction created a lot of engagement amongst staff and the highest bidder was Multi-Skills Lecturer, Tony Wheeler.

Lynsey comments: “With the money that Tony has bid, students will be given a shopping list by the charity, and they will themselves buy those items for the homeless.”

Speaking about their time on the course, Joel shares: “I have really developed my skills and become more confident. I am also now working part-time as a technician at the College.”

Building the planter was a great teambuilding opportunity for the students and they enjoyed engaging the College for a charitable cause. Arron comments: “Jack was a supported learner when he first started here and has progressed a lot, he no longer requires extra support and I’m impressed with how well he has done. I’m extremely proud of both the students.”

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