Council apprenticeship adds up for accounting student

20th May 2022

An Accounting student from Solihull College & University Centre has progressed from his college course onto an apprenticeship with Solihull Council.

James Todman, 18, was accepted as an Assistant Accounting Apprentice at the Council, where he works in the Economy Infrastructure and Finance Team, after achieving a 94% distinction on his course at the College.

James studied on the College’s full time AAT Accounting course straight after finishing school. He says: “I enjoyed the course and after doing so well, I felt motivated to look for the ideal apprenticeship which I found.”

student standing in front of notice board that says 'Management & Professional' at the top
James achieved an impressive 94% distinction on his Accounting course at Solihull College & University Centre

When James was in year 10 at school, he undertook work experience at his father’s accountancy firm. This experience solidified his dream to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an accountant. He came to the college to pursue that career and his course put him in good stead for his apprenticeship.

James shares: “I would advise people looking to get into accountancy without any experience to first complete an accounting course at the College, then apply for an apprenticeship. The course equips you with the understanding and skills you need to then succeed in your apprenticeship. I would have struggled if I hadn’t done the course at the College first.”

A hardworking student, James has almost completed his first year at the council and is looking forward to going into his final year. He comments: “I hope Solihull Council will offer me a permanent job when I complete the apprenticeship next year, but if not, I feel confident to apply for accountancy roles elsewhere.”

He adds: “I enjoy the work environment here, it’s challenging but I’m learning so much and I feel like a valued employee and an equal to my colleagues.”

James currently works four days a week hybrid-working for the council and attends the College one day a week. He explains how he manages his workload: “I stay on top of everything by focusing on my priorities and spending my evenings and weekends completing my homework and revising. I still give myself plenty of downtime so I don’t burn out. I certainly feel motivated in the classroom as I’m being sent there by my employer and must do well and achieve good grades.”

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