Criminology student has work experience locked up

13th January 2021

A Psychology & Criminology student from Solihull College & University Centre recently spent time at HMP Oakwood for work experience alongside her course.

With work experience an important factor in all of the College’s full-time courses, Nicola Bromwich, 17 from Sheldon, jumped at the chance to gain some on-the-job experience linked to her future career ambitions.

Nicola’s work experience lasted for one month, spending two days a week working at the prison and the other three days in class at college. She states: “I found my work experience very interesting and educational. It was very different to what I was expecting. I learned a lot about what happens in a prison and what happens to individuals that leave prison. I was also able to interact with the families visiting their loved ones.”

Being able to apply her college learning to real situations proved invaluable for Nicola: “I managed to apply my knowledge from lessons into my work placement, such as knowing the terminology that staff members would use and the crimes the offenders had committed.”

On completion of Nicola’s course, students can achieve an Extended Certificate in Psychology and an Applied Diploma in Criminology. They then have the opportunity to progress on to university level study at the College or at universities across the country.

Nicola adds: “I find my course very interesting as both psychology and criminology intertwine with each other making it easier to learn. I can apply some psychology to criminology and vice versa. It opens a lot of opportunities for my future.”

Nicola plans to progress on to university to study forensic psychology as a bachelors and psychology as a masters and doctorate in order to achieve her dream of becoming a criminal psychologist.

Nicole working in the library with a criminology textbook at her side on the desk
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