Fifty thousand pound car investment makes students more employable
Thursday, 12 February, 2015

A Range Rover, Audi TT and Bentley are just some of the examples of what is included in the fifty thousand pound investment Solihull College has made to its Woodlands Campus to improve the learning experience of Motor Vehicle students. With the spotlight likely to remain on the College’s Woodlands Campus throughout the year in relation to the investment, this is the beginning of what will be a significant development in teaching facilities at the College.

With major employers including Jaguar Land Rover on the doorstep of many Motor Vehicle learners at the College, it is hoped with the College acquiring such recent cars, this will encourage more school leavers considering motor vehicle studies to consider Solihull College. There has already been a significant rise in applications; with a 20 per cent increase this academic year compared to 2013/14.
Harkesh Ram, Senior Director at Woodlands comments: “This important investment has been made so that we can support our learners into employment. Car technology is developing all the time and these new vehicles will allow students to work on newer models so they can understand more advanced car mechanics. From their studies at the College, they will be able to approach employers in the area, such as Jaguar Land Rover with more advanced skills and knowledge”?

One of the students who is benefitting from the investment is 25-year-old Kirsty Watts, who is studying Level 3 Motor Vehicle Studies, she also works part-time in a local garage. She is really happy with the College?????¢??????¢?¢s investment; speaking about the new cars she comments: “??It’s a real privilege to work on the newer cars as they provide a more in-depth learning experience; the College recently invested in new diagnostic testing kits which couldn’t be used on the older cars and now we are learning new skills which are really going to help when we want to find a job”?.

In addition to the recent set of new cars, students can also look forward to working on a Mercedes, Lexus RX300 and Subaru. The College’s annual Try It! Love It! Learn It! events are taking place throughout February and March with all subject areas holding taster sessions; with Motor Vehicle taking place on 9 March. To find out more and to book your place please visit www.solihull.ac.uk or call 0121 678 7000.

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