Free College course leads to new Business for members
Monday, 18 January, 2016

A group of Creative Writing enthusiasts joined a community course run by Solihull College & University Centre and have progressed well, so much so that they have published their own books and are in the process of setting up their own publishing company.

The group who attend the Creative Writing course, which is free to those attending the Solihull Lodge Community Centre group, is made up of a variety of different people including marketing professionals, businessmen as well as those who are now retired. The group meets on a weekly basis with tutor Matt Nunn to learn about the different elements of creative writing and finding skills they never knew they had, with members even saying they “amazed myself” with their own writing.

The group have clearly worked well together stating that “it doesn’t feel like a class, it feels like a production” when working on their writing. Many members of the group have, with the help and guidance from their tutor, already written books and published them online with sites such as Amazon. The group have now decided to use their talents to start their own Publishing Company. Using everyone’s areas of expertise and talent they have begun allocating members jobs such as editor, sub-editor, marketing, illustrator and proofreader and the group have successfully began working on their first projects which includes an anthology and a number of novels. Currently the books have been written by members of the group and have been perceived very well by the other members and by tutor Matt.

The group plans to continue with their publishing ventures and even hopes to open the business up to writers outside of the group in the future.

For more information on the community courses available visit the courses page of the website or call 0121 678 7000.

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