Meerkats born at Solihull College
Tuesday, 26 July, 2016

Solihull College & University Centre is home for a number of exotic creatures including the very popular Meerkats.

The animals at the College are cared for by staff and students who learn about their habitats, dietary requirements and how to handle each animal. Many of the animals have produced young over the years whilst being homed at the College and staff and students have observed the animals taking care of their newborn as they would in the wild.

More recently the College’s resident Meerkats have given birth to 3 babies. The young, who were born at the end of June, aren’t known to be male and female just yet but are settling in extremely well. The Meerkats at the College are not handled by staff or students and they live as they would in the wild with complex family groupings and hierarchy.

Before the arrival of the pups at Solihull College & University Centre, there were 2 females from West Midlands Safari park, and 2 males living together in their enclosure. Within Meerkat families there will be a dominant pair of the group and the dominant pair are those who breed and produce young whilst the other family members will then help to raise and protect the young from predators, using their famous ‘look out’ pose.

The 3 young pups are exploring more each day, whilst the students at the College learn how to care for the Meerkats; giving them the right amount of food and ensuring they have all they need. The pups have even been spotted enjoying the recent sunshine.

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