Mental Health workshops boost student coping skills

22nd May 2024

Solihull College & University Centre celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week with a series of impactful workshops aimed at enhancing student mental health and well-being.

The event highlighted the College’s commitment to mental health through strong partnerships with local NHS services and mental health charities.

Since the inception of the mental health service at the College, the team, led by Mental Health Lead Fathima Ashraff-Ali, has worked tirelessly to build robust partnerships with key mental health organisations. This dedication was evident in the recent awareness event, which featured free workshops delivered by Solihull Talking Therapies, Birmingham Mind, Kooth, Stratford Samaritans, and Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust, among others.

students lying on floor during mental health workshop

Solihull College & University Centre marked Mental Health Awareness Week with impactful workshops to enhance student well-being.

The workshops covered a wide range of crucial topics including Food and Mood, Sleep Hygiene, Men and Mental Health, Managing Anxiety, and Self-Harm and Suicide Awareness. The event attracted over 400 students, along with their tutors and support staff, across the College’s three campuses.

Feedback from the workshops revealed a significant positive impact, with an 80% increase in students’ competency in developing coping mechanisms to manage their mental health challenges. Participants provided enthusiastic feedback, with statements such as, “This workshop has inspired me to speak up as a man about my mental health,” “I didn’t know how important good sleep is for my mental health,” and “I feel like I have some tools to help with my anxiety now.”

Workshop feedback showed an 80% improvement in students’ ability to develop coping mechanisms for mental health challenges.

Fathima Ashraff-Ali commented: “Following a lengthy consultation period with staff, each workshop was carefully selected to meet the needs of our student population. The workshops, delivered by our external partners and the College’s mental health professionals, not only aimed to improve student mental health and well-being but also served to increase staff knowledge, skills, and understanding in managing student mental health issues. It also helps us keep in line with our commitment to the Association of Colleges’ Mental Health Charter Framework, particularly Theme Two: Support for students.”

The successful workshops underscore the College’s dedication to fostering a supportive and proactive environment for mental health. By integrating expert knowledge and practical strategies, the college continues to build a community where students and staff alike can thrive.

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