New Generation of Apprentices at Solihull College & University Centre
Thursday, 2 February, 2017

QuickCode Labs(QCL) is an exciting new venture in which Solihull College & University Centre and Solihull Chamber of Commerce are working together to create a new generation of apprentices. Its core function is the sourcing of employers and candidates interested in engaging with apprenticeships, leading to the training, development and employment of digital apprentices.

QCL began towards the latter end of 2016 and students were involved right from the off as they designed the logo and branding of the company, which can now be seen outside the classroom where they are based.

QCL’s founder Mick Westman teaches the apprentices at the College, and believes that the current generation of 16 – 20 year olds have a wealth of digital skills at their fingertips but that they have not been taught how to apply them in a meaningful way. He says “Employers need people who can demonstrate the three ‘A’s; Attitude, Aptitude and Application as well as a set of core skills specific to working in business, such as communication. These skills are what will be developed in all Quick Code Labs apprentices”. Mick believes that this approach will create future employees that can add real value to their employers as well as being transferable in a job market that will become increasingly transitory.

Even QCL’s approach to learning is different as it uses tools such as Lego to develop ideas and solutions to local businesses challenges, giving students a chance to be creative and visualise their work.

Hassan Afzal, one of QCL’s first students said “The big difference, working with QCL, is that we work on real business projects and apply our learning as we go along, which I really enjoy.”

Solihull Chamber’s Joan Smith commented “Solihull Chamber is delighted to be involved with Quick Code Labs. To have them based right opposite our chamber office in the College is ideal for our members. We will be signposting our members to the students to give them real life projects in all sectors. It is very exciting for Solihull College & University Centre students to have this opportunity to lead the way for new ways of addressing the skills gaps across all areas of learning.”

The students are currently working on a project for CMA Video in Birmingham. Marketing Manager of CMA, Adam Snelleskz, commented “Working with Quick Code Labs has been a fascinating and hugely rewarding experience.  We have given the students not projects but actual work that needs to be completed as part of the business networking event; The Solihull Super Network.  It’s been a steep learning experience for both the students and I but the most overriding element has been how the students have responded and grown into the tasks in hand.  I’d like to think that it’s a win-win situation as they get valuable experience and preparation for the world of work and the Solihull Super Network gets vital work done to ensure it goes ahead and runs smoothly.”

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QuickCode Labs
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