Shonea lays career foundations with engineering apprenticeship

6th September 2021

A former Built Environment & Sustainable Technologies student from Solihull College & University Centre is excelling in her apprenticeship with engineering and environmental consultancy RSK.

Shonea Holligan, 20 from Birmingham, secured her role with the company in April as she came towards the end of her college course.

Having always been a hands-on learner, on leaving school Shonea was seeking a full-time course which would match up with her interests and career aspirations. Initially studying Computer Aided Design with the College to improve her CAD skills, Shonea then talked through her options with the College’s careers team and Built Environment & Sustainable Technologies seemed to be the perfect next step.

She comments: “I needed to find something that would give me a purpose and allow me to give back in a way no other career can. I also started to think of bettering the world one step at a time, becoming a better human and doing my bit. I needed to study a course that would teach me more about the environment, keep me engaged and wouldn’t restrict me.”

Shonea Holligan pictured at RSK
Shonea Holligan pictured at RSK

Shonea’s college tutors have been a big part of her experience. She is particularly thankful for the support they offered, commenting: “My tutors have found the perfect balance when helping students transition from a school environment to a workplace one. They help to aid you to become a young professional and show you how to represent yourself accordingly. Never have I felt pressured to change who I am or how I act. All staff in the construction department have supported my learning so immensely and they have helped shape me to become a better engineer.”

In terms of the long-term future, Shonea hopes to have a positive impact and continue to develop in her industry. She comments: “I’d like to be able to drive past newly developed buildings and sites and say I’ve had some involvement. Helping to produce new staples of architecture and land developments for the next generation would make me feel content with my journey of life.”

She concludes: “Long-term career goals for me would be to simply make a change to the world I live in and to be able to get up in the morning and be excited to go to work. Which I already do now!”

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