Solihull College students showcase their artwork
Monday, 11 May, 2015

Solihull charity Solihull Lions Club has sponsored Solihull College art and design students in a community project for the second year running. Solihull Lions aim to promote the borough of Solihull through the use of art and chose the students at Solihull College to do so. Last year the theme was chosen as ‘??Solihull – ancient and modern’ and was a great success with student Andrei Serpe receiving the winning prize, his winning piece pictured. The Level 2 art and design students at Solihull College will be taking on the task of creating a piece of art with the theme of ‘??Solihull and the environment’.

Students are using different materials and techniques to create their designs ready for the exhibition. The winning entry will receive a prize and the runner up will be chosen by last year’s winner, Andrei Serpe. The students are excited to be able to showcase their work and hope to win the competition.

Members of the public are welcome to view the work of the students at Solihull College which will be displayed at Solihull Arts Complex in Solihull town centre. The exhibition will be held from Tuesday 12th – Sunday 17th May.

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