Students and staff celebrate Cultures of the College

6th April 2022

Solihull College & University Centre recently celebrated the eclectic mix of cultures of students and staff through dance, music, and attire.

Student EDI & Enrichment Coordinator, Grace Wynne Willson organised the event entitled “Cultures of the College” after a conversation with students. She then worked closely with ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students who hand painted flags and created posters with information about their native countries during their lessons with lecturer Glykeria Theodoulou.

Students gathered around celebrating the evnt

Students gathered in the College’s communal area to dance and celebrate Cultures of the College

Students arrived at the College wearing traditional attire and held stalls where they displayed their informative country posters and flags and answered questions from staff and students. The event gave everyone the opportunity to share their culture with one another in a safe and inclusive atmosphere.

Grace comments: “This was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the rich diversity we have in the College and the atmosphere of inclusivity we foster, and I am grateful to the students who worked hard to make this event a success.”

Students came wearing traditional attire and danced to music from different cultures

Cultures of the College was made more memorable by two talented Foundation Learning students and professional Dhol Players who captured everyone’s attention as they played the Dhol (a double-sided barrel drum) creating an electric atmosphere in the College as students danced together.

The College is proud of fostering a culturally diverse and welcoming environment and would like to thank the Enrichment Team for all their efforts in making this event a success.

A short clip of students dancing at Cultures of the College

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