upskill reskill | break out of your career box

Upskill Reskill is a new AI powered platform that helps you explore your career options. Using intuitive algorithms to analyse your career history, it gives an instant and impactful understanding of the employability skills you already possess. It can then quickly recommend careers, and the best courses, to either upskill in your current career path, or reskill to change career entirely – suggesting careers matching your skills you may never even have thought of!

This ground-breaking self-guided careers experience provides you with personal insight into your skills, and tangible career options with associated Labour Market Information. It results in individual takeaway information for every user without requiring any sign-up.

Adult learners!

It takes just four steps to find the right course:

  1. Tell us your work history.
  2. Let us identify your work skills.
  3. Use them to find great new careers.
  4. See recommended training courses.

Upskill/Reskill Careers Explorer