Study towards a certificate in Event Planning and you could be on your way to organising sporting events, corporate events, music events and more. The College is the first educational institution within the Midlands to offer this route into a career within event management and event planning.

We have great links with a number of local businesses such as Warwick Castle, the NEC and Hogarths Hotel where you can gain valuable work experience to add to your portfolio.

The course takes a look at the planning of events for different sectors and studies the duties of the event planner/coordinator role. You will produce event and contingency plans, learn about security and health and safety requirements as well as having the chance to explore market research, investigate marketing methods and resources and produce marketing plans for events.

You will be able to put your skills and knowledge into practice by organising 3 different types of events whilst on the course, gaining valuable experience to begin your career journey in the events industry.

We also offer a range of apprenticeships in this subject.

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