Where will this course lead?

This course combines intensive GCSE English and Maths study with Employability and Digital Media Creative Skills to prepare for progression onto further study at level 3. It is a fantastic opportunity if you didn't get the GCSE English and maths grades you wanted in previous education. With a focus on developing Maths and English skills students will also be presented with the opportunity to work on a series of small digital media related projects alongside the 2 core subjects to gain a Level 2 College Certificate in Employability and Creative Skills.

What will I study?

During the course you will focus on and improve those all-important GCSE English and maths skills to help you progress onto a Level 3 course or apprenticeship of your choice the following academic year. On this course you will intensely study Maths and English, taking 4 hours of maths and 4 hours of English classes each week to give you the very best chance of achieving a GCSE pass. Alongside this you will also have Employability and Creative sessions.  

In GCSE English, the focus is on analysing both fiction and non-fiction texts including texts from the 19th Century to present day. You will also develop your creative writing and opinionated writing ability.  

In GCSE Maths you will develop your analytical, research and problem-solving skills. Within this full-time programme, we will focus on key numeracy skills and help you to succeed even if you find maths challenging.  

Maths and English is an integral part of your course. You will continue to develop these skills and may work towards a qualification at an appropriate level. Our students work towards English and maths GCSE Grade 4.  

Good levels of English and Maths are important for your success in your course, your chosen vocation and life. Throughout your course you will continue to develop your English and maths skills in your vocational classes.

How will this course be delivered?

The focus of this course will be on gaining your maths and English qualifications. Alongside this you will develop employability and creative skills through working within our media faculty to produce a series of projects within a digital portfolio of evidence.

The skills you will learn have been identified as essential for future progression and employment, underpinned by the broad transferable skills that will enable students to demonstrate qualities of adaptability, self-reliance, collaboration, dependability, resilience, imagination and creativity.

What qualifications will I get?

GCSE Maths

GCSE English

Level 2 College Certificate

How will I be assessed?

GCSE English and Maths are both externally assessed.

How do I get a place on the course?

Places on the course are offered by telephone interview initially.

What are the entry requirements?

To apply for a place on this course, you will need to hold GCSE English Language and Maths at a grade 3.  

You will need to bring evidence of your original certificates at Induction.  

If you have a Learning Difficulty or Disability please let us know when you apply. You will be offered support in your interview. If you need help completing your application we can help with this too.

What else do I need to know?

It is important that you show excellent interest and engagement with this intensive Maths and English programme. We also like to have 100% attendance and punctuality from you, as we are preparing you for employability.

What can I do after this course?

If you are successful on this course, you will be able to continue studying at Level 3 in a wide range of subjects.

GCSE English and Maths with Employability

What’s Involved?

Predicted Employment

How much can I earn?


Employment by Region

The career paths provided are to give you an idea of the careers that you could progress onto in the future. However, for some, you may need to complete higher level qualifications and gain experience before your dream job becomes a reality. The information provided is to support further research and to generate some initial career ideas when choosing a course. Please check entry requirements to degree courses, apprenticeships, and jobs as this may vary from year to year and across providers. For further advice and guidance, please contact: careers@solihull.ac.uk.