Where will this course lead?

This course is ideal for dog enthusiasts or new/perspective dog owners who wish to further their knowledge of our canine companions for either personal interest or work CPD. 

It will enable students to better understand their dogs history and origins and why they behave in specific ways. Students will also be taught how they can then use that knowledge to improve the welfare of dogs in their care. 

This course is ideally paired with both the "canine care and welfare" and "teaching Dogs" short courses. 

What will I study?

The course runs for 9 weeks between September and October and will cover; 

  • Origins and history of the dog and the effects of human selection 

  • Canine motivation, drive and breed traits - where natural dog behaviours come from. 

  • Early development and providing behavioural outlets  

  • Social structure and interaction 

  • How dogs communicate and how we can learn to listen 

  • Signs of stress and causes of stress 

  • Reducing stress in dogs to improve welfare 

How will this course be delivered?

Lectures, discussions, demonstrations.

What qualifications will I get?

Vocation CPD leading to a Solihull College Course completion certificate. 

How will I be assessed?

There is no assessment associated with the course.

How do I get a place on the course?

Contact Solihull college to apply, no prior knowledge or qualifications needed, no interview required. 

What are the entry requirements?

No entry requirements.

What else do I need to know?

This class runs on Wednesday evenings from 6.30 - 8.30pm on Blossomfield Campus. Reading lists will be provided to encourage private study, and each unit is completed in one term. 

If you have a learning difficulty or disability, please let us know when you apply. You will be offered support.

What can I do after this course?

Past students have used the knowledge and skills gained on the course to help them run dog training classes, further their knowledge for their grooming business and help at local dog clubs. The course will also help owners understand their pet better, improve the welfare and further their relationship with their dog. 


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Part Time

Understanding Dogs and their Behaviour

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