A step-by-step bridal make up tutorial

9th August 2022

Photography and Beauty Therapy & Make Up students from Solihull College and University Centre have collaborated to produce a step-by-step bridal make up tutorial which was recently published in the summer edition of ‘InSolihull’ magazine.

Make Up students Hannah Taylor, Rebecca Robinson, Charlie Sharples and Freya Billingham created bridal hair and make-up to inspire people attending weddings this summer after all the cancellations during the lockdown. They have created looks for a wedding guest, the mother of the bride, and finally a step-by-step bridal look.

woman applying make up with brush on face
Step 1 – Before you begin applying your makeup, take the time to prep your skin with a high-quality moisturiser. This will ensure that the make-up goes onto the skin smoothly. Next, apply a primer, primers are silky smooth gels and creams that fill in the lines and pores on your face, smoothing out uneven textures and creating the ideal canvas for your makeup.

woman applying foundation
Step 2 – Start from the centre of your face and blend a liquid foundation outward. As you sweep your foundation across the skin, buff it in with a damp sponge which will create a smoother, more even texture. Using a large, fluffy powder brush, begin by dusting a light coat of loose powder all over your face. It will help set the make-up and blur the look of fine lines and pores.

applying blush
Step 3 – Bronzer can give your skin that sun-kissed glow all year long. Apply the bronzer when you would naturally catch the sun (forehead, nose, cheeks) follow with a small amount of blusher to the apples of the cheeks.

applying eyebrow shadow
Step 4 – Use a brow pencil to fill in areas of sparseness with small, hair-like strokes.

showing brides face next to eyeshadow pallette
Step 5 – Start with a natural eyeshadow shade, working it right across the eyelid. Gently work a light brown from the outer corner towards the middle of the eyelid. Use the shadow to line the lower lash line to define the eyes. Add a golden shimmer in the centre of the eyelid.

applying mascara on bride
Step 6 – Apply a waterproof mascara, this will create volume and define the eyes. Apply a second coat for more volume. We finished by applying some strip lashes to add additional volume and make the eyes stand out.

applying lipstick on bride
Step 7 – Apply a nude lipliner to define the lips and prevent lipstick from bleeding. Apply lipstick, using a lip brush followed by lip gloss in the centre of the lips to help the lips appear fuller.

Wedding guest – Hair and make-up by Hannah Taylor
Bride’s make-up – Rebecca Robinson
Bride’s hair – Charlie Sharples
Mother of the bride – Hair and make-up by Freya Billingham
Photographers – Karla Ilsley and Zack Shingler

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