Criminal Judge imparts wisdom to Policing Students

28th November 2019

A former Judge visited HNC Policing students at Solihull College & University Centre to share stories from his vast experience as a former defence prosecution barrister and criminal judge.

Policing students were given an invaluable opportunity to listen to and learn from former Judge Anthony Engel, 76, as he offered advice and guidance directly linked to modules they are currently studying.

Speaking informally with students, he relayed complex cases he had been involved in and then turned the tables asking students where their judgement stood on the outcome of the cases he had described.

Mr Engel, a former crown prosecutor, has not slowed down despite having retired at 70 as all judges are required to. He is currently litigating personal cases focussed on age discrimination, judiciary pensions, and cases supporting the elderly. “I enjoy speaking with students and have teaching experience with law students so when I was invited to the college to speak I was happy to come” commented Mr Engel.

When speaking of the impact of technology on researching old cases, Policing lecturer Stefan Bird commented “Students have access to police legal databases at the College allowing them to research cases with the multitude of resources available.”

After completing their HNC, students can progress onto the HND course at the College before completing their full degree top-up.

Public services students with criminal judge
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