Pre-employment Courses Continue to prove a successful endeavour…
Tuesday, 4 July, 2017

Alongside Birmingham City Football Club, Solihull College & University Centre has been running a 2 week pre-employment course for attendees from the jobcentre. With Pete Harewood Customer Service Trainer and Angela Walsh Hospitality and Catering Trainer the course attendees studied for 2 weeks and were taught a variety of hospitality and service industry skills. Topics covered were food hygiene, customer service, selling skills, teamwork, food allergies and interview skills. The pre-employment course is aimed at upskilling attendees and preparing them for work. A representative from BCFC came to talk to the students in June.

Nigel James BCFC’s Hospitality Supervisor gave the students a briefing on working at BCFC. The briefing was invaluable as the students came up with a series of questions and were able to discuss with a representative in an open forum set up. The inclusion of a face to face meeting gave employers a ‘face’ and gave students the opportunity to learn from an industry expert and air all their questions.

Nigel discussed customer service at BCFC, answered questions on hours, rates, and the environment at BCFC. He also talked the students through what they’d be going through at interview stage.

‘Relax it’ll be the best interview you have because it will be all about you. Have the confidence to greet the public, and express yourself, you’re offering a service.’ Nigel stated.

Interview days were scheduled for 23rd June and consisted of a walk around, a stadium tour and then the interview itself. Hospitality service assistants, supervisors, bar staff, drink runners, chefs were the roles on offer.

On reflecting on the course and Solihull College & University Centre’s collaboration with BCFC Nigel stated ‘What the students are learning will put them in good stead. We are looking for quality staff, and want to give everyone the opportunity of a head start, meeting an employer in the student’s own environment instantly makes them feel more at ease and what’s more they will be able to see a familiar face when they arrive for interview. We will have already met one another’.

The BCFC collaboration with the college has proven successful as everyone who applied from the course has since been offered work at BCFC.

Tutor Angela Walsh added, ‘this has been a great collaboration, it has been good networking with and working in tandem with BCFC. On the entirety of the 2 week course attendees were keen and hungry for employment and ended up with work at the end. That’s extremely positive to see’.

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