Public Services student joins Parachute Regiment

24th May 2022

A Public Services student from Solihull College & University Centre is set to pursue his dream of joining the Army by landing the role of Basic Infantry Soldier in the Parachute Regiment.

Ieuan Davies, 18 from Birmingham, was initially intent on joining the Army at 16 after finishing school but upon heeding advice from friends and family, he came to the College and studied Public Services. He says: “I realised soon into the course that it was actually the right decision to make, and it has been very helpful.”

Though wanting to join the Army from a very young age, Ieuan had yet to find the role that would best suit his interests and high fitness levels. It was only after a conversation with lecturer and Paratrooper, Will Bishop, that Ieuan looked into the Parachute Regiment.

student looking at camera with black background
Ieuan will move to the largest British Army garrison in the world for training

Ieuan shares: “Will said to me that the level of my fitness and what I’m capable of fits in with the Parachute Regiment. It’s an elite infantry and one of the hardest regiments to get in to but with the right training, it’s achievable. The College course definitely made it achievable for me. Kim’s [Kim Killeen, Public Services Lecturer] fitness sessions were instrumental as you’re made to look at where you need to go, what’s required, and make an actual plan.”

He adds: “Will and Kim’s expertise has been a great asset. They’re reservists and they have the knowledge and experience to guide you. I was taught how to apply to the Army and then how to hold myself at the assessment centre.”

First formed in 1942, the Parachute Regiment is the airborne infantry regiment of the British Army and is known to have one of the toughest selection processes. Ieuan has completed his fitness and medical assessment and will be undergoing further physical assessments before he moves to Catterick Garrison for pre-basic training.

Looking long term, Ieuan hopes to travel up the rank structure within the Army.

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