Public Services students take to the water on Isle of Wight trip

25th September 2023

Public Services students from Solihull College & University Centre had a week out of the classroom recently as they headed over to the Isle of Wight to take part in activities on the Solent, learning new techniques and the latest safety skills.

photo of the Public Services students in the harbour
Public Services year 2 Students

The students took the trip as part of the induction to their second year. On the trip they worked with UKSA Cowes (UK Sailing Academy) covering elements necessary for their course.

They took park in keel boat and dingy sailing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, and windsurfing. They also had the opportunity to use VHF radios enabling them to communicate to port and harbour authorities as well as other vessels.

Team building activities were also carried out as the students demonstrated their new skills in different outdoor activities.

Students in the water demonstrating skills
Students taking part in team building skills

Public Services lecturer, Kim Marshall, was delighted by how the trip went: “The students were able to face up to new challenges and it was good to see them out of their comfort zone. It was the perfect week to introduce them to a comprehensive year of learning. They all did really well.”

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