Forensic students investigate road traffic accident simulation

29th June 2023

Forensic & Criminal Investigation students from Solihull College & University Centre recently investigated a simulation of a road traffic accident as part of their training.

The Forensic & Criminal Investigation course is a two-year programme incorporating Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Criminology and elements of Psychology and Law.

Forensic crime scene with students

The road traffic accident simulation enabled students to put theory into practice

The aim of the road traffic accident exercise was to collect and analyse evidence from a ‘live’ scene and use this to determine the causes and effects of the incident. Students worked in small teams to follow standard procedures; collecting evidence and returning to the Science laboratories at Blossomfield Campus to analyse what they had found.

The evidence included fingerprints, fragment collection, footprint moulds, samples of liquids, DNA swabs as well as various physical evidence left at the scene. The students were able to apply and develop their skills in intricate procedures, whilst experiencing a time pressured environment.

The teams took photographs and measurements and undertook calculations to help in their assessment of the scene. Using care, skill, and attention to detail the students were able to eliminate various suspects and start to produce a timeline of events.

Many of the Forensic Science students will be continuing their studies at university

Tutor Balbinder Paneser commented: “This case study presented an overview of the most used approaches by traffic collision investigators, discussed the scientific concepts underlying each technique, and exhibited the practical use of scientific calculations in road traffic collision scenarios. Undertaking this type of exercise helps the students to put their training into practice. We want to ensure they are ready for real jobs in the forensics field so it’s essential they have that practical experience as part of the course.”

Students completing the course this summer are about to take their next steps, with many progressing to university to continue their studies in Forensics or related courses.

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