Art students unfold with exhibition 

26th May 2021

University level Art & Design students from Solihull College & University Centre have officially launched their final exhibition this week for online visitors to explore. 

The exhibition, titled ‘Unfold’, includes work studying a wide range of topics including urban and industrial working-class landscapes, common steretoypesinvisible diseasesthe effects of new technologies and the LGBTQ+ community.  

The group of students, known collectively as Novacreate, are 9 individuals under 3 different disciplines: fine art, photography and graphic design, which together make up the Creative Arts & Design Practice top up degree at the College.  

For Photographers Amber, Becky and Michelle, Graphic Designers Hayley, Javier and Michel and Fine Artists Colin, Bushra and Samira it has been challenging to exercise their usual creative methods this year due to COVID-19The group made the decision to display their work virtually alongside the physical exhibition that staff and students of the college will be able to enjoy ithe Blossomfield Campus art foyer. 

Staff from the department are proud how students have risen to the challenge this year. They commentEach year the Final Exhibition of students’ work is a significant and special moment. It represents the culmination of years of hard work, commitment, creativity, and craft. The challenges presented by the pandemic have been unprecedented. As our lives begin to reopen a little, we emerge in to familiar yet new world. We are proud to present the fantastic outcomes from our graduating BA (Hons) Creative Arts & Design Practice students. 

Designer Hayley Cartwright, 23, comments: “Exhibiting the work created during multiple lockdowns is a great achievement for all of us! It’s a real shame we couldn’t have an exhibition for people to visit but we’ve worked really hard on making a virtual platform to make our work shine in the way it should. 

Photographer Amber Bassi, 21, adds: “I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this exhibition as it has allowed me to feel like an artist again. Being in quarantine and lockdowns left me feeling restricted in many aspects of my practice but being a part of this exhibition has now given me something exciting to work towards, and to be proud of.” 

Browse the ‘Unfold’ exhibition now and see each artist’s work by clicking on each name here – 

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