Ellie’s Kenyan Adventures
Tuesday, 18 July, 2017

Ellie Good will be traveling to Kenya to teach English to local children for a year. Solihull College & University Centre Health & Social Care Level 3 student Ellie, 18, completed her 2 year study recently. After initially planning to travel on a gap year she decided instead to use her course experience and work alongside children in Kenya combining travel with work.

Sending her CV to St Andrews school in Turi, Kenya, Ellie partook in a skype interview before finding out she had been offered the role.

Her role as a T.A means she will spend her mornings assisting with teaching English and afternoons working on extra curriculum activities with the children including swimming and sport.

Ellie was inspired to work with children growing up watching her mother who worked as a childminder.  Interested in caring for people she originally planned on a career in Nursing. Deciding on a Health & Social Care Level 3 course, Ellie found that her course explored multiple areas she became interested in.

‘I am so excited about Kenya, this should put me in great stead to go on to University’ Ellie states ‘my course was 100% the right course for me, it helped me look at what I was aiming for and how to reach that goal. It promoted independence and taught me to grow up. You get out what you put in.’

Ellie’s course covered several areas from child development through to diseases. ‘It really helped to narrow down which areas I felt I’d thrive in the most’ she offers. Ellie currently works full time in a nursery now her course has finished and previously managed the job with her course.

Ellie’s brother has Asperger’s and this led Ellie to an interest in behaviour and psychology in children. The College introduced her on aspects of her course to psychology and child behaviour. She is hoping to go on to study Childhood Studies and specialise in child psychology at the University of Leeds on her return.

Ellie will travel out to Kenya on August 22nd and return July 2018. She has proven a wonderful ambassador for the college and her course. Congratulations Ellie.

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