Media lecturer to release creative anthology

21st September 2021

A Digital Media Production lecturer from Solihull College & University Centre has played a leading role in the creation of a new anthology called Uncertain Truths.

Lee Skinner was heavily involved in the production of the book, as part of his Creative Writing MA course at Nottingham Trent University.

A filmmaker, animator and illustrator by trade, Lee enrolled onto the Creative Writing MA as part of his professional development at the College in order to move away from purely the visual, and discover new, alternative forms of storytelling.

Lee Skinner with a clay model of the book's front cover.
Lee Skinner with a clay model of the book's front cover.

Multi-skilled Lee wrote two stories for the anthology, created the front cover and inside illustrations, built the book’s website and taught himself to use Adobe InDesign, a layout and page design software, to create the final book.  He even created clay models of his illustrations to support the book launch.

Lee comments: “Building the anthology was tough and had its challenges, but I enjoyed taking on so many different roles. What I found, as a natural filmmaker, is my written stories could miss emotion and those abstract concepts. If you improve the writing, then you deepen the characters. Doing the Creative Writing MA has completely changed how I write and how I tell stories.”

Lee will now bring his newly developed creative writing and Adobe InDesign skills to the classroom for the benefit of his students.

Lee encourages all prospective students with a creative flair and interest in storytelling to pursue Digital Media Production at the College. He comments: “Here at the College, we focus on the story – that’s our ethos. We are about telling meaningful stories that have an impact on the audience. We have the technical side, with our TV and Radio studios, and that is supported by our emphasis on story. I hope students can take a step back and think about the story, what it means and how to tell it.”

To learn more about Lee’s work on the anthology and purchase a copy of the book, please visit this link here.

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