Apprenticeships in Solihull

Apprenticeships – Solihull College & University Centre. Whether you want to be an Aerospace Engineer or take a career in Health and Social Care, our team at Solihull College and University Centre can help you. We pride ourselves in our excellent apprenticeship schemes in Solihull. We partner with organisations that can not only provide you with the skills you need for your qualification but can also give you valuable knowledge you that will help you in your working life.

Our team have carefully selected over 750 businesses which accommodate our existing 1,500+ apprentices. Apprenticeships at Solihull College and University Centre range from engineering to hairdressing and barbering as well as leadership and management. Take a look at our vacancies and apply today here to start your journey in apprenticeship.

At Solihul College and University Centre we have two campuses, one Blossomfield and Woodlands. We have ensured both campuses are fully equipped with everything you need to develop on your knowledge and therefore help you in your apprenticeship in Solihull.

Anyone can be an apprentice who is over the age of 16 years old and not in full time education. Whether you are leaving school, coming from years of work or just wanting to start a new career, an apprenticeship can be your next stage. It is important to remember you may face competition when applying for a place with employer. It is important to show your skill as well as your commitment before and during your apprenticeship as well as know your responsibilities.

Apprenticeships in Solihull are developed with the help of employers in the industry. This allows you to part take in a strategically designed apprenticeship structure that sets targets that allow you to make progress whilst your working and earning a wage.

For more information on apprenticeships in Solihull, contact us today!