16 – 19 Education

Now the education leaving age has risen to 18 and students are required to stay within education after 16 doesn’t just mean staying at school full-time; your child can stay at school, go to college, or take up an apprenticeship or a part-time training course. They can earn money and learn new skills at the same time if they want to.

At Solihull College & University Centre our students are treated as young adults and we show them trust with the expectation that they embrace responsibility, co-operation and self-discipline in order to achieve their desired goals and aims whilst studying with us. At all times we expect mutual respect and understanding with staff, tutors and fellow students and ask they demonstrate an active interest in all areas of learning, in preparation for making the transition into the world of work or higher education.

Parents and Guardians

We believe you, as parents or guardians have a huge role to play in providing encouragement and motivation from home in order to help get your child or ward the most out of their course while they’re with us at the College.

As well as this, we keep all parents and guardians up-to-date with progress and won’t hesitate to get in touch if we feel necessary, we want this attitude to reciprocate and encourage you to raise any questions or queries you may have about your child or ward, regardless of how far along their course they are and regardless of how trivial the matter may seem.

Solihull College & University Centre is a thriving, high-quality learning institution which prides itself on the young people who come here with the drive and determination to learn and make the most out of their experience, whilst upholding the high standards of mature behaviour and professional discipline expected of any institution beyond school. Together, we can ensure that every student leaves us with the brightest hopes for their futures, wherever it may be.

Examination Results for Summer 2022

How students can access their results

On receipt of your Examination results from the awarding body, you will receive a text message to your mobile number we hold on the system, from the College to advise you that an email has been sent to your college account with an attached results statement.

To access a college email account, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to hub.solihull.ac.uk.
  2. Click the ‘Log in with Office 365’ red button. Sign in with college email and your network password. studentID@students.solihull.ac.uk
  3. Select Office 365. Once open, select Outlook

Students who have forgotten their password can use the following instructions:

  • Passwords can be reset on site in the Open Access Centre
  • Students can go to Office.com and can reset their own password
  1. Go to www.office.com.
  2. Sign in using student email.
  3. On password screen, click forgot password.
  4. Enter on screen character code click next.
  5. Ensure I forgot my password is selected and click next.
  6. Enter phone number for text.
  7. Enter verification code.
  8. Enter new password and confirm.
  9. Sign in using new password.

Where official statements are available the team will send them out via the post ASAP.

On receipt of certificates from the awarding body they will send out via the post ASAP.


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