Motor Vehicle apprentices accelerate learning with EMER

10th February 2023

Motor Vehicle apprentices from Solihull College & University Centre put their skills into practice recently following a visit from Electude – a world leading e-learning provider for the automotive industry.

Electude visited the College’s Woodlands Campus with their vehicle simulator EMER (Electude Mobile Experience Room). The experience provided learners with a demo of hardware products, allowing them to conduct practical work in a safe simulation environment.

students stood in group in EMER

The apprentices enjoyed their practical experience on their day release at the College

Motor Vehicle lecturer, Anesu Muyambi, has fostered a partnership with Electude for the past 5 years and used their revolutionary Learning Management System (LMS) to support the learning of his students and apprentices.

Anesu comments: “It was a great experience for our students and helped them bridge the gap between theory sessions and practical sessions. It allowed them to excel and accelerate their learning.”

The session was led by Electude specialists, Daniel Perry, Cliff Farrell, and Kartik Goradia who kept the students engaged and supported them to gain a deeper understanding of the workings of EMER.

This experience allowed the apprentices to widen their horizons and experience an exceptionally high standard of training

Daniel says: “Electude has a great relationship with Solihull College & University Centre, and it was a great pleasure to visit with our Electude Mobile Experience Room. Students are at the centre of everything Electude does. Seeing the students engaged, enthusiastic and smiling demonstrates the effectiveness of what we create. They are taught topic based in the classroom but when they enter the workshop, they are faced with all topics intertwined with each other. With the Electude Connect trainers we support the learners with dedicated e-learning that works with the topic based trainer and allows them to let their potential fly.”

The apprentices were able to input faults into the simulator and diagnose them, giving them the opportunity to understand and fix specific issues.

Harry Hatton, who is undertaking his apprenticeship at Audi shares: “I found the workshop very helpful. I enjoyed the training, and it reinforced my understanding of electrics.”

The College looks forward to maintaining its strong partnership with Electude and hopes to provide students with continued excellence at such a high technical standard in their practical training.

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